I was quite happy with her performance, so much so that when I went to do a staged reading of a feature screenplay, Subversion!, I asked her to take the second largest role without an audition.

Always on time, always ready to give everything to it, even working on her Yiddish accent.”

Carolfrances Likins, Writer/Director, Mother Earth Speaks

I have the opportunity to meet and work with many actresses. Jennifer Caldwell is a standout talent. 

Her work is strong across the board. Jennifer brings a wealth of emotional power, as well as a realism and subtlety that is well suited to television and film. She is always on time and prepared, and displays the utmost professionalism both in her own work and in her relatonships with fellow actors. She loves the craft clearly and devotes time and energy to her craft far beyond the expectations of my class.

Elise Robertson, Actor, Acting Coach