As a proud union member, I’ve served many years as a delegate in the Los Angeles local of SAG-AFTRA. Now, I’ve moved back to my home state and I’ve decided to run again this year to represent New Mexico in the upcoming SAG-AFTRA Elections. If I get on the ballot and then get elected, I’ll serve as a delegate to the convention and an alternate for the National Board. You can bet I’ll be doing my best to improve our actors’ lives in New Mexico. We have a lot of great talent right here – as my agent, Peter Yanke can attest – and I’d like to do what I can to ensure that production has the opportunity to recognize this. In addition, I’ll be looking out to protect residuals as well as our health and pension plans.

SAG-AFTRA Convention 2019

Step 1: Get on the ballot! If you are a member of the New Mexico local of SAG-AFTRA, please sign my petition to get on the ballot to be in the running for NM delegate for SAG-AFTRA. Many thanks for your support! 

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I’m launching additional services – as a VO/Audiobook narrator! I’m so happy to share my business statement for this part of my performers’ journey! Thank you for coming along!

My mother says I was an avid reader since the age of three. I don’t remember; but, she ought to know!  To this day, she revels in memories of little knobby kneed me singing the commercial for every item my eyes landed on in the grocery store. In between working as a convenience store clerk and earning my B.A. in Liberal Studies with a focus on Performance for Social Change, I devoured everything from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Kurt Vonnegut. I later tried my hand at being a columnist and writing the feature length political drama I have available for option. My taste for literature has turned to fantasy fiction, historical novels and non-fiction. From badass straightshooters to sultry sirens, I adore giving voice to colorful characters of all varieties. Growing up in the mountains of northern New Mexico, a southern twang comes easy. I have lived and loved  in Los Angeles, New York, London and northern England before landing right back in my home state. I had a rollicking time off Broadway in the iconic Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and earned my SAG card with a part on Curb your Enthusiasm. I’m an improv performer and a lover of reading astrological charts, working with crystals and interpreting tarot.



Hollywood’s Meow Woof Improv Celebrates 4 Years of Fun With Anniversary Showcase

by Gregory Cornfield 

Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Director Jeff Perdue and the Meow Woof Improv Cast are celebrating four years of laughs on Sunday, January 26, at the Annual Hollywood Anniversary Showcase. All are invited to the special production with the most talented, versatile and unpredictable comedy crew in Los Angeles.

Fans and community members looking to laugh are needed to select the show’s narrative, which the cast will present on the spot. Working off the audience, the goofy troupe never fails to create a hilarious scene as it unfolds that Angelenos don’t want to miss.

In the acclaimed Perdue-style, the show combines original narratives with spur-of-the-moment suggestions from audience members, who decide what each scene is based on before the players spin it in a way never seen before. 

Guests should always be ready to laugh, cheer, and celebrate with the cast and the other members of the audience.

At the recent Hollywood Fall Classic in September, the Meow Woof Cast took the audience on an adventure filled with quips and gags after the audience said they wanted to see scenes of the new ‘Joker’ movie, and ‘Bob’s Burgers.’ The result left people laughing so hard that they cried.

Other shows this year featured special guest performers, such as Bennie Arthur from ‘Drunk History.

Doors open at the historic Lounge Theatre at 8 p.m. It is located in the heart of Hollywood’s famed “Theatre Row,” at 6201 Santa Monica Boulevard, at the northwest intersection of El Centro Avenue, one block east of Vine Street. 

The show includes adult subject matter and themes. The audience is always invited to meet the cast after the performance. Tickets cost $10, and come with a free beverage. Groups of four or more are half price. Refreshments, including wine and beer, as well as snacks will be available for sale. Free parking is available on the street. 

Performers for the 2020 Hollywood Anniversary Showcase:

  • Jonathan Bradley
  • Josh Riley Brown
  • Jennifer H Caldwell
  • Devlyn Corrigan
  • Stephen Gilikin
  • Liath Gleeson
  • Peter Getty
  • Michael Gitomer
  • Cathy Kozlowski 
  • Janet Rojas
  • Avi Silver
  • Ian Stern
  • Jovita Trujillo 


That’s right, folks. It’s been raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles and Meow Woof! is returning this March 3 to our home at The Lounge Theatre in Tinseltown.

6201 Santa Monica Blvd. at El Centro

8 pm

Tickets are $10 and half priced for groups of 4 or more.

We’ve got prizes and audience participation so, come on down!