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Mom says I was reading at age three. I don’t recall; but, she ought to know!  She revels in memories of little knobby-kneed me singing the commercial for every item my eyes landed on in the grocery store. Between growing up behind the cash register of a retail store and earning my B.A. in Liberal Studies with a focus on Performance for Social Change, I devoured everything from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Kurt Vonnegut. I wrote a consumer interest column for City Watch LA and I have a feature length political drama available for option. I love literature, fantasy and historical fiction, romantic comedy, juvenile fiction and non-fiction. From badass straight-shooters to cozy moms, I adore giving voice to colorful characters of all varieties. Growing up in the mountains of northern New Mexico, I have since lived and loved  in Los Angeles, New York, London and northwestern England before landing right back in my home state. I had a rollicking time off Broadway in the iconic Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and earned my SAG card with a part on Curb your Enthusiasm. My podcast, “Ode to Kobe” is my paen to the man and the city who loved him. It’s available on Apple and Spotify. I’m an improv performer, a lover of reading astrology and tarot, hiking and pickleball – and playing cards. 


MacBook Pro with Big Sur; AudioTechnica 2035; Focusrite Scarlett 2I2


MacBook Pro with Big Sur; PreSonus PD-70 with Triton FetHead; Focusrite Scarlett 2I2

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