Jennifer H Caldwell

Looking to Represent the New Mexico local in the SAG-AFTRA elections!

As a proud union member, I’ve served many years as a delegate in the Los Angeles local of SAG-AFTRA. Now, I’ve moved back to my home state and I’ve decided to run again this year to represent New Mexico in the upcoming SAG-AFTRA Elections. If I get on the ballot and then get elected, I’ll serve as a delegate to the convention and an alternate for the National Board. You can bet I’ll be doing my best to improve our actors’ lives in New Mexico. We have a lot of great talent right here – as my agent, Peter Yanke can attest – and I’d like to do what I can to ensure that production has the opportunity to recognize this. In addition, I’ll be looking out to protect residuals as well as our health and pension plans.

SAG-AFTRA Convention 2019

Step 1: Get on the ballot! If you are a member of the New Mexico local of SAG-AFTRA, please sign my petition to get on the ballot to be in the running for NM delegate for SAG-AFTRA. Many thanks for your support! 

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